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18Jan, 21

The Importance of Documenting Evidence After a Car Accident

Many people are disoriented or overwhelmed after a car accident, but it is crucial to try and preserve any evidence whenever possible. If this can be done safely, anything captured can be helpful to an auto injury lawyer in subsequent claims and legal action. There may also be other evidence that a personal injury attorney can gather where you have been unable. The best outcome is a combination of evidence from the accident victim onsite and their Dallas auto injury attorney before any legal proceedings.

Important Evidence to Gather

Once you have made sure all parties are safe and moved out of the main road, any photos you can take of an accident will be helpful to your personal injury attorney. This includes photos of the vehicles, road conditions, lights or stop signs, and general weather conditions. The more photos you have, the more your auto injury attorney will have to work with.

Additionally, you will want to obtain copies of any police reports and information on the DFW police officers who show up, including badge number. You should also have exchanged information with other parties in the accident to continue contact.

Evidence Auto Injury Lawyers Can Help Gather

In addition to the evidence you can get yourself from the scene of the accident, a Dallas auto injury lawyer will be able to get further information to help your case. Some examples include:

Letter of spoliation: This is a letter that a personal injury attorney can send to try and prevent the other party from destroying or tampering with evidence. An example may be requesting that their vehicle is not repaired until investigators have had a chance to properly document the damage.

Video footage: If there are video cameras in the DFW area where your accident occurred, it may have been recorded. A personal injury attorney can make a formal request for a copy of this footage to be used as part of your case. Some vehicles even record data now that can be used as well.

Dallas Personal Injury Attorney

If you have recently been in an accident and are in need of an auto injury attorney, contact Kashar Law Firm today to begin recording your evidence in preparation for your claim. Our staff will assist with gathering evidence whenever possible and use what you have gathered to create a comprehensive and successful case.

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