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Jennifer Kashar

Dallas-Fort Worth Personal Injury Attorney

I am a personal injury lawyer dedicated to helping you. Whether you have been injured in a car accident or have suffered a fall, I can help you make the insurance company pay you what you are entitled to. As a former insurance defense attorney, I know how the insurance companies work.

The Kashar Law Firm

Welcome to the The Kashar Law Firm’s website! Chances are you are searching for a personal injury attorney who can help you or a family member with a claim you desperately want resolved. First, you have come to the right place; and I, Jennifer Kashar, represent The Kashar Law Firm in the Fort Worth area. I am a former insurance-company defense attorney; and if anyone knows how insurance companies work when it comes to monetary claims that are filed against them, I do! My in-depth knowledge with the inner-workings of insurance companies gives you an immediate advantage, where the ultimate goal is for you to recover the monetary entitlement you have been waiting for!

My litigation experience spans 18 years; and even though I am licensed to practice in both Texas and Florida, I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas which I continue to call home.

What Many People Do Not Know

What many people do not realize is that large insurance companies use schemes and legal loop-holes to deny accident victims their fair compensation. I know every insurance trick in the book; after all, I worked in that arena for 9 years before I chose to commit myself to those who were not only involuntarily victimized by the accidents that encroached on their lives, but were being unknowingly wronged by the insurance giants, as well. That kind of double-whammy should never happen to anyone!

What You Can Expect

On this site, you will receive a brief, yet thorough, overview of the types of insurance claims that The Kashar Law Firm handles. In addition, you will be provided with confidence knowing that we can thoroughly assist you with your particular claim. Here are a few things you will want to know up-front:

  • The Kashar Law Firm will not accept fees or expenses unless you recover.
  • The Kashar Law Firm provides phone support 24/7 for both Spanish and English-speaking clients.
  • The Kashar Law Firm invites you to call today for a free, initial consultation and case evaluation.
  • The Kashar Law Firm believes each client’s case—regardless of size or nature–deserves equal representation.

The Kashar Law Firm Services

The Kashar Law Firm offers legal support for a wide-range of injury-related claims. Below, you will find a brief overview; and we encourage you to call our office for further details.

Truck Accidents

Claims and lawsuits pertaining to accidents involving commercial vehicles are inherently more complex than regular automotive accidents. Special considerations come into play; but our personal injury attorneys will wade through the details for you and provide the specialized help you will require. Give us a call to discuss your situation.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving accidents happen far too often on Texas roadways; and if you or a loved one received injuries due to a drunk driver, call us immediately! Help is only a phone-call away.


Accidents have no boundaries and can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Even if you believe no compensation is possible due to an accident you or a family member sustained—regardless of the accident’s location—all your questions can be answered during our free consultation. Though you may feel little pain now, related but unexpected medical problems can arise in the future, so do not wait to give our office a call!

Slip and Fall

Retail locations are responsible to keep their business areas safe; but maintaining safety protocol is not always followed. If an injury to you or a family member occurred at a retail site due to a slip or fall, you could be entitled to compensation due to negligence on the part of the retailer. Our experienced team can give you the answers you are looking for.

Dog Bites

If an incident with an out-of-control dog resulted in any type of bite or injury to you or a member of your family, call us right away! Injuries can be both physical and psychological; and getting legal recourse should be immediate. Our complimentary consultation can get you headed towards resolution.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents in this country are shockingly common—every 8 minutes, a pedestrian suffers a crash-related injury! If you or a loved one has suffered any type of pedestrian accident, now is the time to contact our office. You may, very well, qualify for compensation; and we will discuss the details, at no cost to you, during our initial consultation.

Wrongful Deaths

The premature death of anyone, regardless of age, is tragic, life-altering and devastating. If someone’s negligence has caused you or your family to lose a loved one, we urge you to contact our staff immediately. You need to know where you legally stand and we will have the answers for you! Call today to arrange a free visit.

Motorcycle Accidents

If you own a motorcycle and became the recipient of an accident that damaged your bike (even slightly); or if you incurred medical bills and/or lost wages due to injuries, then waiting for answers to your legal questions is not an option. Do not hesitate to call us for a free conference to discuss your situation.

Car Accidents

If someone injured you in a car accident, regardless of the reason, we want to know. We have the experience to deal with insurance companies to ensure you get what you are legally due, not what the insurance company thinks you should receive. We are on your side, not theirs; and we will go over the details you provide during the initial, cost-free visit. Our job at The Kashar Law Firm is to make sure you receive any monies you deserve from a car accident.

Bus Accidents

Public and private bus transportation and any accident claims that may be involved in this type of circumstance can be subjected to complex legalities. The laws and regulations that pertain to bus accidents require legal professionals who are highly familiar with the intricacies involved. We, at The Kashar Law Firm, will steer you through all the details towards a fair resolution.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can, tragically, be a direct result of vehicle accidents or even falls on slippery pavement. Obviously, this type of injury can be extremely serious since brain injuries can permanently impair and compromise the quality of one’s life which, in turn, can affect personal relationships or even the ability of oneself to take care of day-to-day living. Monetary compensation cannot reverse brain injuries, but it can allow for life to become easier to deal with.

You Have Nothing to Lose

Regardless of the type of accident you or a family member has experienced, you may be legally entitled to a monetary settlement and not even know it! The Kashar Law Firm caters to the residents of Fort-Worth for a reason: to help families get their lives back on track after any type of accident has unexpectedly taken place.

When you schedule an appointment to speak with one of our attorneys, you can rest assured we will let you know where you stand, legally and guide you through the entire process. Remember: 1) our legal advice during the first consultation is absolutely cost-free 2) you pay no fees or expenses unless you recover; and 3) our goal is to squeeze every dollar out of the insurance company that you are entitled to! We will be with you every step of the way!

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