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Jennifer Kashar

Dallas-Fort Worth Personal Injury Attorney

I am a personal injury lawyer dedicated to helping you. Whether you have been injured in a car accident or have suffered a fall, I can help you make the insurance company pay you what you are entitled to. As a former insurance defense attorney, I know how the insurance companies work.

The Kashar Law Firm

Hello! You have reached The Kashar Law Firm’s website; and I am Jennifer Kashar, representing clients in Arlington, Texas. If you or a family member has suffered any type of personal injury due to the possible negligence of someone else, then you have certainly come to the right place! Just thinking about how you might arrive at a fair resolution regarding your situation probably feels overwhelming and daunting. The Kashar Law Firm is here to subdue your concerns as we bring 18 years of personal injury litigation to the table.

You want fair compensation for your personal injury situation, and you want it to be resolved in a timely fashion. During the first 9 years of my law profession I acted as a defense attorney for an insurance company against injury claims. Because of that experience, I am well aware of the little-known methods insurance giants utilize to minimize their losses. Powerful insurance attorneys will do everything possible to ensure people, such as you, receive far less than they deserve. My goal is to see that you get fully compensated; and because I know how insurance companies operate, my unique insight provides my clients with an immediate advantage!

My litigation experience spans 18 years; and I am licensed to practice in Texas as well as Florida. I am a native Texan—born and raised in Dallas; and I am here to stay.

I Know Insurance Companies Inside and Out

Many people are unaware that large insurance company attorneys will utilize slick maneuvering and plotting–and sometimes questionable tactics–to maximize their chances that accident victims, who have filed a claim against the insurance company, will receive only the minimal amount of compensation. I know every scheme and device at their disposal; after-all, I worked as a defense lawyer in the insurance arena for 9 years before I chose to commit myself to the ‘under-dog’. It became very apparent that people, such as yourself, who had been victims of a personal injury accident were becoming victimized twice—once by the accident and once, again, by the insurance industry. As far as The Kashar Law Firm is concerned, that is unfair and unacceptable!

The Kashar Law Firm Caters to You

On this site, you will receive a clear, comprehensive synopsis of how The Kashar Law Firm can address your personal injury situation and needs. I am confident that you will feel confident that your anxieties or doubts will give way to relief as well as your experiencing a successful outcome for you and/or your family.

Here are a few things you should know right away:

  • You will not pay fees or expenses unless you recover.
  • You have access to phone support 24/7, offered for both Spanish and English-speaking clients.
  • You are invited to contact us today for a free, initial consultation and case evaluation.
  • You will receive equal representation, regardless of the size or nature of your case.

The Kashar Law Firm Services

Do any of these personal injury situations apply to you? The Kashar Law Firm offers legal support for a host of injury-related claims. If your personal injury is related to any of the examples, below, we encourage you to call our office today to set up a complimentary consultation.

Truck Accidents

When accidents involve commercial vehicles, the legalities are more complicated than regular automobile accident claims. Special considerations come into play; but our attorneys will wade through the details for you and provide the specialized legal intervention you will require. Give us a call!

Drunk Driving

Encountering a drunk driver on a country road or a major highway is something none of us are immune to. Tragedy can strike in a split second. If you or a loved one received injuries due to a drunk driver, call us immediately! Legal assistance is only minutes away.


Accidents make no determination regarding gender, age or heritage; and they happen every minute of every day. Even minor accidents can seem harmless, at first, but medical complications can emerge weeks or months after a minor accident is over. If no claim is made, the victim can be left with sizable and unexpected medical bills. Do not assume your accident is too small for a personal injury claim! Give our office a call!

Slip and Fall

Retail locations are fully aware of their need to provide an accident-free environment as much as possible. They are insured, however, if accidents do happen—even slipping on a bowling alley floor or slipping on an ice-covered sidewalk that should have been maintained by the retailer are grounds for a personal injury claim. Never assume your slip-and-fall accident is too small to legally pursue.

Dog Bites

Any type of bite or injury from a dog can be serious. If you or a member of your family has experienced this type of situation, call us immediately to see what type of legal recourse might apply.

Pedestrian Accidents

Did you know that once, every 8 minutes, a person is a victim of a crash-related accident in the U.S.? If you or a loved one has suffered any type of pedestrian accident, now is the time to give The Kashar Law Firm a call! We will discuss the details, at no cost to you, during our initial consultation.

Wrongful Deaths

The death of anyone due to someone’s negligence is a tragedy for everyone involved! The devastation can be felt for a lifetime. If someone’s negligence has caused you or your family to lose a loved one, sit down with us and we will let you know where you legally stand. Call today for a free consultation.

Motorcycle Accidents

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident that caused you to incur unwanted medical bills, lost wages due to injuries as well as any damage to your motorcycle, you need to call us right away. The Kashar Law Firm will provide immediate answers to your questions at no charge during our initial visit.

Car Accidents

We have the experience to deal with insurance companies to ensure you get what you are legally due if a car accident has been something you or a family member has experienced. Remember, I know how insurance companies operate; and my goal is to make sure you get fully compensated—not compensated according to what the insurance company would have you receive! We are on your side, not theirs; and we know every trick up their sleeve. Give us a call, today!

Bus Accidents

Accident claims involved with public and private bus transportation can become embedded in complex legalities. The laws and regulations that apply to this type of claim demand seasoned legal professionals who are highly familiar with the nuances involved. We, at The Kashar Law Firm, will guide you towards a fair resolution.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are tragic and serious since they can result in permanent physical and mental impairment. Monetary compensation cannot heal brain injuries, but they can fully provide for the medical care or other requirements a victim of this type of accident might require.

You Need an Expert on Your Side

The Kashar Law Firm caters to the citizens of Arlington, Texas for a reason: to help families recover from the mental devastation or physical injuries an accident has caused. You want your life back; and The Kashar Law Firm is here to see that it happens. As a recap, there are two main things we want to walk away with today:

  • Any legal advice during the first consultation is absolutely cost-free.
  • You will pay no fees or expenses unless you recover.

Our goal, at The Kashar Law Firm is to extract every dollar from the insurance company you are legally entitled to. We will be with you from Day 1!

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