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Jennifer Kashar

Dallas-Fort Worth Personal Injury Attorney

I am a personal injury lawyer dedicated to helping you. Whether you have been injured in a car accident or have suffered a fall, I can help you make the insurance company pay you what you are entitled to. As a former insurance defense attorney, I know how the insurance companies work.

Welcome to The Kashar Law Firm

My name is Jennifer Kashar.  I am a personal injury attorney; and my mission focuses on one thing: to help you receive full compensation for any injury you received due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence.  It does not matter if the incident involved a dog bite, an automobile mishap or a fall.  I will wade through all the necessary legalities to ensure the insurance company will pay every penny you are due.  My expertise is unique since I worked as an insurance defense attorney for a number of years.  I know how insurance companies operate, and I am entirely familiar with their covert practices.

Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Denton, Texas

Assisting my Denton clients with personal injury cases is my passion.  Though your situation is unique on its own, you are not alone; but you need the type of knowledge and expertise I can offer.  You want closure, as well; and it is here where that can begin.

As mentioned, I am a former defense attorney for the insurance industry; and that gives me a one-of-a-kind perspective on the tactics that insurance companies use to combat any potential losses.  That translates into claimants, such as you, being targeted to receive as little as possible.  I will not allow that to happen!

The Kashar Law Firm Welcomes You!

The Kashar Law Firm is dedicated to serving patrons in Denton with any type of personal injury claim.  Being involved in an accident, and pursuing monetary compensation, can get detailed and complicated; but with 18 years of litigation experience behind me, you are placing your trust in a professional who will serve as your uncompromising ally.  Regardless of how small your incident may seem (such as a fall), or how tragic your circumstances have proven to become (such as a wrongful death), every case is handled with equal commitment and aggressiveness from beginning to end.

During the first 9 years of my career, my focus rested upon helping insurance companies minimize their losses; but due to their unethical tactics, that all changed.  My attention, now, is directed towards those whom insurance companies oppose: anyone with a valid compensation claim.  As your advocate, I will fight for your rights and challenge the high-powered attorneys who represent the insurance giants.  I will not permit them to stand between you and the money you, rightfully, deserve.

The Kashar Law Firm is With You Every Step of the Way

As a personal injury attorney, I am qualified to practice law in Texas as well as Florida.  Dallas, however, is where my roots are.  The Kashar Law Firm represents clients in Dallas, Denton, and neighboring cities.  You may be aware that in 2012, Denton was recognized as among one of the ‘Ten Best Small Towns in America’ by Rand McNally and USA Today.  With that kind of reputation, I intend to do my part to uphold that kind of honorable mention.  I will provide the absolute best personal-injury representation Denton residents could possibly ask for.

When my clients enter my office for the first time, I know they are searching for reassurance and encouragement.  Part of my goal is to replace uncertainty with hope and replace anxiety with confidence.  After our first visit, you will have no doubt your situation is being placed in the hands of an attorney with unquestionable expertise in the field of personal injury claims and litigation.

Sometimes the hardest part of pursuing a monetary claim is waiting for the entire litigation process to come to an end.  This is especially true for family members who are experiencing intense emotional pain, such as with brain-injury or wrongful-death claims.  Be assured I will recoup your family’s feeling of normalcy as expeditiously as possible.  Everyone wants their life back; and with aggressiveness and no-nonsense proceedings on my part, The Kashar Law Firm will make it happen.

Again, because I am acutely aware of the dubious and outright illegal practices that insurance companies employ on a regular basis, you gain a distinct advantage through my insight.  I know what to look for regarding unlawful insurance tactics; and those unacceptable schemes will not be tolerated.  Any monetary amount you are allowed is what I will relentlessly fight for.  You do not deserve only a portion of what you are entitled to; you deserve 100% of it!

The Kashar Law Firm—Amenities Make It Easier for You

The Kashar Law Firm desires to make your experience as seamless and as stress-free as possible.  To help achieve that goal, you will find the following information quite relevant:

  • You pay absolutely no fees unless you recoup.
  • You have access to 24-7 phone support.
  • We accommodate English and Spanish-speaking clients.
  • All cases receive the same degree of diligent representation—no case is too small.

Your complimentary case-evaluation is only a phone call away.  Give The Kashar Law Firm a call today at 972-888-6018.  You have nothing to lose!

Overview of Services

The examples of cases, listed below, provide an idea of the types of services The Kashar Law Firm manages for its Denton residents on a regular basis.  One of the listed situations may parallel your particular circumstance.  If, however, your experience does not seem to exactly fit any of the examples below, do not hesitate to give my office a call to schedule a complimentary consultation.  During our initial meeting, I will have an opportunity to address any questions you might have.  Regardless of how small or insignificant you might feel your accident or injury might have been, never assume you are entitled to nothing!

Which of these circumstances applies to you?

Dog Bites
Dog bites happen far more often than one might imagine.  The National Canine Research shares an astounding statistic: an average of 10,000 dog bites occur every day in the United States!  Equally astounding is the average payout for a single, dog-bite claim.  The American Medical Association tells us that in 2013, the average compensation amount topped $28,000.  Dog bites can, of course, be very serious; and the payout amounts, certainly, reflect that.  During our first visit, The Kashar Law Firm will be able to provide you with an idea of what you could expect in terms of payment.

Slips and Falls
Slips and falls can happen to anyone at any time.  A highly-polished bowling-alley floor or an icy entrance in front of a retail store can create hazardous conditions that can result in a slip that produces a bruise or a broken bone.  Even a ‘simple’ bruise can be life-threatening if it develops into a blood-clot weeks or months later.  Never assume any injury is too minimal and should be ignored.  Let us know the circumstances surrounding your incident to get an idea of where you legally stand.

Pedestrian Accidents
If you have been injured by any type of vehicle, give us a call right away.  Cars, trucks and motorcycles are not the only types of vehicles related to pedestrian accidents.  Golf carts, bicycles, and even skateboards, can contribute towards pedestrian-related injuries. The Kashar Law Firm will discuss any possible compensation during the first visit.

Motorcycle Accidents
It is shocking when one realizes that more than 2.3 million motorcycle-related accidents occurred in 2013 in the United States—this, according to the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Loss of employment in addition to any medical bills can create a financial disaster.  The Kashar Law Firm will be your staunch ally to ensure your compensation overrides any monetary catastrophe.

Obviously, accidents of all kinds will vary as well as the injuries they produce.  As would be expected, more serious accidents garner immediate attention due to any obvious wounds.  What about accidents that result in injuries that cannot be seen?  These types of wounds can be easily overlooked.  A minor concussion, due to impact to the head from a fall, for example, may not be visually apparent yet can cause serious symptoms that would require medical treatment.  Even a bruise that appears insignificant can indicate damage to a deep-seated vein wall and result in the formation of a deep-vein clot.  Regardless of the type of accident you may have encountered, do not ignore it but address it with The Kashar Law Firm.  Call us, immediately, to discuss your situation; and err on the side of caution.

Car Accidents
This is another shocking statistic that is almost hard to believe:  The National Highway Safety Administration states that in the United States every year, upwards of 50 million people receive some type of injury due to automobile-related accidents.  As one of the most common types of personal-injury occurrences, it comes as no surprise that insurance companies will do whatever they can to minimize their losses with this type of claim.  That means petitioners requesting compensation can receive far less than they are legally entitled.  Do not allow yourself to be victimized by slick insurance attorneys who know every trick in the book.  Remember, I know their tricks too; and they have ‘met their match’ when I challenge any of their unethical schemes.  Regardless of the type of car accident you have encountered, even if it was a fender bender, I will let you know what legal recourse you can pursue.

Bus Accidents
Bus-related accidents can present enormous complications.  Partnering with a seasoned pro is the only sure way you can count on maximized compensation.  I have the expertise in this complex arena and will work with you to ensure your pay-out is fair and thorough.  Call our office today, at 972-888-6018, to schedule your free consultation, and you will know exactly where you legally stand.

Truck Accidents
Truck accidents are another legal area that is inherently multifaceted and intricate.  My experience regarding this type of personal-injury claim will wade through the many legal nuances in order that you receive a financial outcome that is fair and reasonable.

Drunk Driving
Disturbingly, a statistic from MADD reveals a figure that is quite mind-boggling: each and every day, individuals who are under the influence of alcohol choose to drive in-spite of their deteriorated abilities to function normally.  Drunk driving is a serious epidemic; and, if you have had the misfortune of being involved in an accident of this type contact our office, right away.  During our initial visit, your legal options will be discussed.

Brain Injuries
Brain Injuries are devastating.  This type of trauma can last a lifetime; and aside from lives being changed forever, medical care can be on-going and, expectedly, insurmountable.  Though The Kashar Law Firm cannot reverse this kind of tragedy, we can make way for the kind of financial support that would allow a family to more easily deal with all the challenges involved.  You do not want to compromise any compensation with someone less experienced in this field.  The Kashar Law Firm will serve as your relentless advocate.  You want justice and closure.  Allow us to partner with you to help you achieve that.

Wrongful Deaths
Wrongful deaths present the ultimate in personal pain and suffering within families.  There are innumerable types of situations that qualify as wrongful deaths including defective playground equipment, surgical negligence, medication errors and defective retail products; the list goes on and on.  Through the unexpected loss of a loved one, lives are permanently altered.  Allow The Kashar Law Firm to help you through this most-difficult time.  We will work together for emotional closure and monetary compensation you, wholeheartedly, deserve.  Call us today at 972-888-6018, and we will waste no time with proceeding in the necessary direction.

You Need an Expert on Your Side

There are two things you cannot fight alone: the legal intricacies involved with personal-injury claims, and the insurance giants who will attempt to work against you.  In order to achieve optimal financial restitution, and regain a feeling of normalcy in your life, you will require a seasoned attorney who is entirely familiar with every facet of personal-injury claims.

The Kashar Law Firm will not yield to any intimidation attempts or unscrupulous practices insurance attorneys will utilize on behalf of the insurance industry.  We are on your side and will fight for your rights and your dignity—you can count on it!

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