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Jennifer Kashar

Dallas-Fort Worth Personal Injury Attorney

I am a personal injury lawyer dedicated to helping you. Whether you have been injured in a car accident or have suffered a fall, I can help you make the insurance company pay you what you are entitled to. As a former insurance defense attorney, I know how the insurance companies work.

The Kashar Law Firm

Welcome! You have reached the The Kashar Law Firm’s website. I am Jennifer Kashar, a personal injury attorney handling cases in Plano, Texas. You deserve compensation for any loss, injury or disability; but deciding where to search for a law professional who can fully assist you can feel daunting and overwhelming, indeed. You will be pleased to know you have come to the right place!

I am a former insurance company defense attorney; and I worked in that capacity for 9 years. Because of my background, I am fully aware of how insurance companies operate; and I possess an in-depth understanding of the tactics and tricks that are employed by insurance company lawyers. Their mission is to offer the least amount of compensation for claimants, such as yourself, hoping those claimants will take the “bait.” Underhanded maneuvering takes place via insurance company attorneys far more often than most people realize. No insurance company wants to hand out large sums of money for personal injury accidents which is why they hire powerful attorneys to protect them and buffer their losses. With that being said, it is my job is to protect the injured! My clients have an immediate advantage over the insurance giants since I fully understand their game. My goal is for you to receive as much monetary compensation as possible. You deserve it, and you are entitled to it!

My litigation experience spans 18 years; and even though I am licensed to practice in both Texas and Florida, I was born and raised in Dallas, which has always been my home.

Double Victimization is Unacceptable

Because insurance attorneys utilize legal loopholes to deny accident victims their full compensation; it takes someone, such as myself, who knows their business inside and out to effectively counter-act their crafty strategies! Since I worked in this same capacity for 9 years, myself, I came to fully understand the various insurance tricks which continue to be utilized every day against claimants.

Those on the receiving end of a personal injury can easily be victimized twice: once by the accident itself and a second time by the insurance attorneys who will feverishly attempt to diminish pay-outs to those victims. Double victimization is unacceptable to me. I will work with you to combat this type of behavior and see to it you end up with the compensation you deserve!

What You Can Expect from The Kashar Law Firm

Below, you will receive a succinct, yet clear, overview of the types of insurance claims that The Kashar Law Firm handles. I want you to proceed with confidence knowing that you are in experienced hands. Here are a few things you will want to know:

  • The Kashar Law Firm will not accept fees or expenses unless you recover.
  • The Kashar Law Firm provides phone support 24/7 for both Spanish and English-speaking clients.
  • The Kashar Law Firm invites you to call today for a free consultation and case evaluation.
  • The Kashar Law Firm believes each client’s case—regardless of size or nature–deserves equal representation.

The Kashar Law Firm Services

The Kashar Law Firm offers legal support for a wide range of injury-related claims. If you would like to email me concerning the details of your situation, simply fill out the form on this page, and I will respond promptly. Below are the services offered; and we encourage you to call our office for further discussion.

Truck Accidents

Claims and lawsuits pertaining to accidents involving commercial vehicles are complex and require the services of an experienced attorney. It is my obligation to take care of all the details and provide the assistance you will require. Let’s discuss your situation, at no cost to you!

Drunk Driving

Help and support for any drunk-driving injury is only a phone call away! Unfortunately, accidents involving drunk drivers takes place far too frequently on lone Texas country roads as well as busy highways. Call The Kashar Law Firm immediately, so we can see what legal recourse you may have.


Accidents occur every minute of every day, unfortunately; and whether minor or major, you need to find out if you are legally entitled to monetary restitution for any injury received. I can address all your questions during our free consultation. Even seemingly minor injuries can develop into unexpected medical problems in the future, so do not wait to give our office a call!

Slips and Falls

Retail locations, homes, construction sites, office areas and any other location can become an environment where slips and falls can easily occur. Sometimes it is no one’s fault, but that does not mean you would not be eligible for a monetary settlement. The Kashar Law Firm can give you the answers you are looking for.

Dog Bites

If an out-of-control dog has caused any type of injury to you or a family member, you need to give The Kashar Law Firm a call as soon as possible. Physical and emotional ramifications can result with this type of animal-related injury. Trauma can be both physical and psychological; and knowing where you stand, legally, can be clarified quickly.

Pedestrian Accidents

The statistics for pedestrian accidents in the United States are very sobering. Every 8 minutes, a pedestrian suffers a crash-related injury! If you or a loved one has suffered any type of pedestrian accident, contact our office today! You may very well be eligible for legal compensation.

Wrongful Deaths

The wrongful death of anyone can create a great deal of anger, bitterness and emotional turmoil. This type of tragedy can be very overwhelming since the loss of life is unexpected. At The Kashar Law Firm, we will let you know if you can sue, as well as who might be liable and what damages survivors can recover. I urge you to contact The Kashar Law Firm today!

Motorcycle Accidents

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and have withstood injuries, even if they appear minor, The Kashar Law Firm is only a phone call away. Exorbitant medical bills can become a reality in addition to lost wages due to missed work as well any damage that might have been done to the motorcycle itself. Call us for a cost-free consultation to discuss your situation.

Car Accidents

With 18 years of litigation experience concerning personal injuries, I will see to it that any involved insurance companies give you every penny you deserve! The Kashar Law Firm is on your side, not theirs; and we will go over the details of your car-related injury during the initial visit, at no cost to you!

Bus Accidents

Injury claims that involve public and private bus transportation can be embedded in complex legalities. Because the laws and regulations are complicated, you need a legal professional who is very familiar with the sophisticated details involved. We, at The Kashar Law Firm, will steer you through all the details towards a fair resolution.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can, tragically, be a direct result of vehicle accidents or even falls on slippery pavement. Obviously, this type of injury can be extremely serious since brain injuries can permanently impair and severely compromise the quality of one’s life which, in turn, can affect personal relationships or even the ability of one to take care of him or herself on a daily basis. Monetary compensation cannot heal brain injuries, but it can cover medical expenses and other necessities to help a family adjust to the challenges and changes. The Kashar Law Firm will help your family get through this trying time.

The Kashar Law Firm Is Your Ally

Depending on the type of personal injury in your situation, you may have rights to a legal claim for monetary restitution and not even realize it! The Kashar Law Firm caters to the citizens of Plano, Texas because families here, who have suffered a personal injury, need to get their lives back!

When you schedule an appointment with The Kashar Law Firm, you can feel completely confident that you will clearly understand where you stand, legally; and be assured we will guide you through the entire process, from start to finish. Please remember the following:

  • Legal advice during the first consultation is absolutely cost-free.
  • You pay no fees or expenses unless you recover.
  • Our goal is to see to it that you receive every dollar you are legally due.

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