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5Mar, 21

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog in Dallas that is not your own, you may not know what to do next. Our personal injury lawyers break down the steps you need to take immediately following a biting incident in DFW. Seek Medical Attention Go to the emergency room, urgent care, or even a primary care doctor. You will need the dog bite wound to be cleaned thoroughly, and you’ll need an evaluation regarding stitches and so on. Even if you don’t need stitches, dog bites are notorious for getting infected, so it’s important to have it properly cleaned and cared for by a medical professional. Additionally, if you anticipate speaking with a personal injury lawyer and filing a claim due to this incident, having records of immediate medical care will only help your case. Report to Local Authorities It’s important to let the local authorities in Dallas know that a dog bite occurred, even if it’s minor. Animal control will contact the dog’s owner to confirm rabies vaccinations are up to date and more. If the dog is not up to date on rabies shots, you may need to receive a rabies shot yourself, and the dog will likely be taken to DFW animal control for a time for observation. Learn About the Owner of the Dog Know who the owners are, how to contact them, where in Dallas they live, insurance information, and their rent or own status. If they rent, try to get contact information for their landlord as well. You can follow up with animal control to learn about the overall health status of the dog so you know if you need to look out for future issues, and you can see if any other complaints about the dog have been filed in DFW. These can include previous bite incidents, owners letting the dog run loose, and so on. This information will help your personal injury lawyer make a stronger case for you. Contact a Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer This step may need to occur sooner in the process depending on the severity of your injury, but speaking with a personal injury lawyer can give you a better idea of what to expect moving forward. If you want to press charges and anticipate a case, you need quality representation who will make sure justice is served. An attorney experienced in dog bite cases will gather evidence from you and others, including witness statements, medical bills, photographs, and any physical evidence associated with the incident. The personal injury lawyers at Kashar Law Firm can help you with your dog bite case in Dallas. Get in touch today to get started on your claim.

11Feb, 21

If you’ve been in a car accident or experienced a personal injury in Dallas, you’ve likely dealt with insurance companies pretty soon after the incident. But if you believe you have a case of any kind, it’s best to hire an auto injury lawyer or personal injury attorney as quickly as possible. This not only helps you get the best results from your injury, but it can also help you avoid getting fooled into something questionable by the insurance companies. Here are the two biggest tricks that DFW insurance companies may try to get away with after an injury incident. Low Settlement Offers It’s no secret that Dallas insurance agencies want open and shut cases. They don’t want to go to court, they don’t want things to drag on forever, and they don’t want to spend a lot of money. So they typically will come right to you rather than seeking out your auto injury lawyer and propose a low settlement offer. It might be tempting to take it, but this is why it’s important to consult with your personal injury attorney. Typically, Dallas insurance companies will look at what you should actually get based on medical bills, pain and suffering, physical damage to property, etc., and they’ll look at the evidence you have. If they see that you have solid evidence, they likely make what looks like a generous offer that is hard to refuse, but in reality, it’s far less than what you need and deserve. Under no circumstances should you take a low settlement offer from an insurance company without consulting your Dallas auto injury lawyer or personal injury attorney first. Once you sign, your case is closed and it cannot be revisited. Delaying Everything Big cases take time, and that’s understandable. But DFW insurance companies will do their best to delay, delay, delay. Particularly if they know that you and your personal injury attorney have a solid case, they will stop at nothing to keep getting the court date pushed back. Although most states have a statute of limitations in place, they will drag their feet and utilize every last minute of that timeline to make you question, second-guess, and doubt the validity of your case. This is the time to rely on your auto injury lawyer for her experience, knowledge, and expertise. If you are in need of a Dallas auto injury lawyer or a DFW personal injury attorney, trust the Kashar Law Firm to work through insurance company trickery and get you what you deserve.  

18Jan, 21

The Importance of Documenting Evidence After a Car Accident Many people are disoriented or overwhelmed after a car accident, but it is crucial to try and preserve any evidence whenever possible. If this can be done safely, anything captured can be helpful to an auto injury lawyer in subsequent claims and legal action. There may also be other evidence that a personal injury attorney can gather where you have been unable. The best outcome is a combination of evidence from the accident victim onsite and their Dallas auto injury attorney before any legal proceedings. Important Evidence to Gather Once you have made sure all parties are safe and moved out of the main road, any photos you can take of an accident will be helpful to your personal injury attorney. This includes photos of the vehicles, road conditions, lights or stop signs, and general weather conditions. The more photos you have, the more your auto injury attorney will have to work with. Additionally, you will want to obtain copies of any police reports and information on the DFW police officers who show up, including badge number. You should also have exchanged information with other parties in the accident to continue contact. Evidence Auto Injury Lawyers Can Help Gather In addition to the evidence you can get yourself from the scene of the accident, a Dallas auto injury lawyer will be able to get further information to help your case. Some examples include: Letter of spoliation: This is a letter that a personal injury attorney can send to try and prevent the other party from destroying or tampering with evidence. An example may be requesting that their vehicle is not repaired until investigators have had a chance to properly document the damage. Video footage: If there are video cameras in the DFW area where your accident occurred, it may have been recorded. A personal injury attorney can make a formal request for a copy of this footage to be used as part of your case. Some vehicles even record data now that can be used as well. Dallas Personal Injury Attorney If you have recently been in an accident and are in need of an auto injury attorney, contact Kashar Law Firm today to begin recording your evidence in preparation for your claim. Our staff will assist with gathering evidence whenever possible and use what you have gathered to create a comprehensive and successful case.

14Dec, 20

While you may mostly think of a personal injury attorney as working with car and truck accidents, the reality is that motorcycle accidents can also be deadly and costly. In some cases, these accidents are unavoidable and you will need to deal with the aftermath. But to avoid injury, pain, and a lengthy claim, there are common recommendations to avoid these accidents. These mistakes often cause accidents that lead people to need a Dallas car wreck lawyer.

Cars Turning Left

Before making a left turn, cars often look for other cars, but they may miss a motorcycle. Furthermore, it is hard to properly assess the speed of a motorcycle, and a miscalculation can land you both in the office of a Dallas personal injury attorney. As many as one-third of motor vehicle accidents can be attributed to a car turning into the path of a motorcycle.

To avoid the injury, cost, and time needed for a claim with a car wreck lawyer, motorcyclists in DFW can take a few proactive measures to prevent this type of crash. Some of these measures include:

Be cautious and reduce speed in intersections.

Look for traffic gaps.

Watch for turn signals and turned wheels.

Keep an eye on turn lanes.

Use operational headlights for visibility.

Changing Lanes

When switching into a new traffic lane, the risk for collisions increases, even if you are paying close attention. Motorcyclists are more easily hidden in blind spots, leading to injuries that require a personal injury attorney in Dallas. To avoid these issues, motorcyclists can avoid being in blind spots or directly next to other vehicles. It also helps to be alert, watching for turn signals or drifting. If you do end up in an accident, taking note of these things will be important for your discussions with your car wreck lawyer, as the details may impact your claim.

Head-On Collisions

While many motorcycle accidents lead to insurance claims, medical expenses, and visits to a car wreck lawyer, head-on collisions are the most likely to be fatal. These incidents are often caused by drivers in DFW who are distracted, under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or fatigued, though they also occur during unsafe passing of other drivers.

To avoid something worse than a visit to a Dallas personal injury attorney, these four Rs of defensive driving can help:

Read the Road

Ride to the Right

Reduce Speed

Ride off the Road

18Nov, 20

If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a semi-truck, there can be a number of elements to manage. The driver of the truck may be liable, but the truck’s company can also be involved. This is in addition to the typical need for a personal injury attorney that any car accident brings. At Kashar Law, we are able to give truck accident victims in Dallas the same services we provide as a DFW car wreck lawyer, as well as the expertise necessary to navigate the additional elements. Injuries in Semi-Truck Accidents Because most cases involve regular cars in addition to large semi-trucks, the imbalance in vehicle sizes can often cause severe injuries. This means that a truck accident is more likely to need personal injury attorneys involved, as the chance of injury or death is higher. More serious injuries tend to mean higher medical bills and therefore higher compensation and financial damages. A DFW car wreck attorney is used to dealing with insurance companies, but one with truck accident experience is used to dealing with these larger amounts and additional insurance companies. In Dallas, Kashar Law Firm offers expertise in these complex topics. What to Do After a Truck Accident Aside from seeking the proper medical care, finding a skilled personal injury attorney is one of the most important steps you can take in the aftermath of an accident. Because of the higher average costs, you will want to make sure you have an experienced car wreck attorney as soon as you can, as you have only one chance to get the compensation you deserve. When you go to court, you will need to provide extensive and thorough evidence. A personal injury attorney is skilled at creating this documentation and can hire experts to calculate any figures needed for the claim. While the process is often longer and more expensive than the typical cases a car wreck attorney sees, many of the same skills and contacts are involved. Personal Injury Attorney for Dallas Truck Accident Victims In the DFW area, Kashar Law Firm offers the expertise of a car wreck attorney with the additional knowledge of how truck accidents differ. In the past, Ms. Kashar has worked for insurance companies and is deeply familiar with their processes and the tricks they use to deny claims, making her an asset to anyone in the Dallas area seeking a personal injury attorney for a truck accident.

28Apr, 15

A woman filed a wrongful-death lawsuit Monday against Southwest Airlines, claiming crew members mistook her husband's medical emergency for unruly behavior aboard a California flight and didn't assist him. Richard Ilczyszyn, 46, was found unconscious after the flight from Oakland to Orange County landed last year, and he died the next day at a hospital, according to the lawsuit filed in Alameda County Superior Court by his wife, Kelly Ilczyszyn, herself a Southwest Airlines flight attendant. He had suffered a blood clot. Southwest Airlines said in a statement that it was saddened to learn of the death, but its flight attendants handled the incident "appropriately and professionally." Ilczyszyn ran to the bathroom about 10 minutes before the September 2014 flight was set to land, according to the lawsuit, which also names his three kids as plaintiffs. The suit seeks unspecified damages. Crew members heard him crying out in pain, opened the bathroom door, but then closed it again and treated the incident as a passenger disruption, the suit says. "They just misread this, sat on their hands and this family has to suffer as a result of their particular negligence," said the family's attorney, Browne Greene. Orange County sheriff's officials boarded the plane after it landed, but the crew had wrongly told them a passenger had barricaded himself in the bathroom, so they decided to get everyone off before opening the bathroom door, the suit says. The process took about 30 minutes, and Richard Ilczyszyn was found unconscious. Southwest Airlines said the crew tried to reach him to provide assistance and the pilot arranged for first responders to meet the flight when it landed. The lawsuit says the first responders did not include paramedics. Doctors determined Richard Ilczyszyn had been deprived of oxygen to his brain for about 33 minutes while on the plane, according to the suit. Ilczyszyn was a financial trader who appeared on CNBC.

12Jan, 15

Los Angeles, CA: About 52,000 units of the SKLZ Recoil 360™ All-Position Resistance Trainers are being recalled following reports of serious injuries. A weld on a ring on the resistance trainer’s belt can break during use and cause the resistance trainer’s flexible cord to quickly and unexpectedly retract and hit an exercise partner who is holding the other end. This recall involves the SKLZ Recoil 360™ All-Position Resistance Trainers, which is a leash-type device that provides resistance during exercise. The resistance trainer consists of a belt, an 8-foot flexible cord attachment leash, a safety handle and a storage bag. “SKLZ” followed by an arrow is printed on the belt. Users wear the belt, which is connected to the flexible cord. The safety handle, connected to the flexible cord, is held by a coach or partner to provide resistance while the user runs, jumps or shuffles. In lieu of a coach or partners, the safety handle can be connected to a sturdy stationary object like a fence or post. Belts with the arrow before the “SKLZ” are not included in this recall. There have been three reports of the weld on the resistance trainer breaking and resulting in serious injuries, including blunt trauma to a lower leg, a puncture wound and a laceration. The items were sold at Academy LTD, Dick’s Sporting Goods and other sporting goods and fitness stores; sporting goods and fitness catalogs; and online at SKLZ.com and Amazon.com from January 2013 through December 2014 for about $40.