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14Dec, 20

While you may mostly think of a personal injury attorney as working with car and truck accidents, the reality is that motorcycle accidents can also be deadly and costly. In some cases, these accidents are unavoidable and you will need to deal with the aftermath. But to avoid injury, pain, and a lengthy claim, there are common recommendations to avoid these accidents. These mistakes often cause accidents that lead people to need a Dallas car wreck lawyer.

Cars Turning Left

Before making a left turn, cars often look for other cars, but they may miss a motorcycle. Furthermore, it is hard to properly assess the speed of a motorcycle, and a miscalculation can land you both in the office of a Dallas personal injury attorney. As many as one-third of motor vehicle accidents can be attributed to a car turning into the path of a motorcycle.

To avoid the injury, cost, and time needed for a claim with a car wreck lawyer, motorcyclists in DFW can take a few proactive measures to prevent this type of crash. Some of these measures include:

Be cautious and reduce speed in intersections.

Look for traffic gaps.

Watch for turn signals and turned wheels.

Keep an eye on turn lanes.

Use operational headlights for visibility.

Changing Lanes

When switching into a new traffic lane, the risk for collisions increases, even if you are paying close attention. Motorcyclists are more easily hidden in blind spots, leading to injuries that require a personal injury attorney in Dallas. To avoid these issues, motorcyclists can avoid being in blind spots or directly next to other vehicles. It also helps to be alert, watching for turn signals or drifting. If you do end up in an accident, taking note of these things will be important for your discussions with your car wreck lawyer, as the details may impact your claim.

Head-On Collisions

While many motorcycle accidents lead to insurance claims, medical expenses, and visits to a car wreck lawyer, head-on collisions are the most likely to be fatal. These incidents are often caused by drivers in DFW who are distracted, under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or fatigued, though they also occur during unsafe passing of other drivers.

To avoid something worse than a visit to a Dallas personal injury attorney, these four Rs of defensive driving can help:

Read the Road

Ride to the Right

Reduce Speed

Ride off the Road

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