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Jennifer Kashar

Dallas-Fort Worth Personal Injury Attorney

I am a personal injury lawyer dedicated to helping you. Whether you have been injured in a car accident or have suffered a fall, I can help you make the insurance company pay you what you are entitled to. As a former insurance defense attorney, I know how the insurance companies work.

Auto Accident Lawyer Serving Mesquite and DFW

Even though most individuals are conscientious and defensive drivers, The National Highway Safety Commission tells us that up to 50 million people in the U.S. are injured in automobile-related accidents every year, averaging over 13,600 injuries every day!

Though any number of causes can contribute to auto-accidents such as a malfunctioning vehicle, drunk or drowsy driving, weather conditions and a host of other factors, the bottom line remains the same: in order to achieve full financial restitution, you will require the expertise of a seasoned personal-injury attorney. The Kashar Law Firm will wade through the mire of legal complexities involved with auto-related injuries.

Below you will find some helpful information regarding what you need to know, and what you need to do, to ensure your personal-injury case reaches an expedited and successful outcome.

Detailed Information is Vital

First, obtain the other party’s driver’s license and insurance-policy information. If unavailable, notate the information on the other person’s license plate.

In addition:

  • Witnesses may have been present; retrieve their names and phone numbers.
  • Obtain badge numbers of any police officers as well as a copy of the police/incident report.
  • Take pictures or videos relating to injuries and damage to vehicle(s).
  • If the accident details are remembered days later, make written notes of those specifics; you want as much verifiable information as possible.

Your own insurance company may provide you with compensation if the motorist is without insurance, but responding quickly is important since this type of action is time-sensitive. Unfortunately, even your own insurance company may attempt to minimize your monetary allotment, but The Kashar Law Firm will make sure that does not happen.

Facts Must Be Established

Proving negligence regarding the defendant’s driving conduct can be challenging, but a personal-injury attorney will know exactly what to look for. Your lawyer will determine if:

  • the defendant is legally liable for your injuries.
  • the defendant demonstrated reasonable care regarding the car accident.
  • your injuries are measureable, as determined by the law.

The Expertise of a Personal-Injury Attorney is Critical

Only a specialized attorney can successfully wade through the complexities involved with determining ‘damages’. A personal-injury attorney will help validate whether or not the injuries negatively impacted you monetarily, physically, and/or mentally.

There is one more very important point: a personal-injury attorney will seek any lawful punitive damages from the defendant. Depending on the case, awarded punitive damages can reach multi-millions of dollars!

The Kashar Law Firm specializes in assisting Mesquite residents with their car-accident claims. We will partner with you to secure the emotional closure and financial compensation you are due!

Give us a call today for a free consultation! We can be reached at 972-888-6018.

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